About You Videos

Your art, your business, your real estate, your ideas!

We are offering videos for businesses as well as individuals for marketing, social media, and documentaries.        Creative, fun, collaborative, we would love to work with you to let your message shine!

Please call us for more details and a tailored price for your specific needs. 

Weddings, Events & Portraits

Portrait Sessions:

2 hour photo shoot with up to 20 images


Event & Wedding Photography:

We love shooting at events, and it is always an honor for us to document your special wedding day.   Clients are happy that we can provide both video and photography.   We are also available to travel for events.  Please connect with us and let us know your needs , and we will tailor pricing accordingly. 

Real Estate Photography

HDR photography:  

HDR photography takes more time to shoot and more time in post-processing, but is especially suited for real estate photography as it allows for a wide range of lighting to be included in a photograph.  Turnaround:  24 hours;  we provide  between 20-50 images depending on the size of the house.

$250/2500 sqft;  $350/3500 sqft;  $450/4500 sqft

Video Slideshow:

Between 1-2 minutes long, set to music, and a great way of introducing the best shots of a property with the ease of watching a video. 


Aerial Stills by FAA approved drone pilot:


Video Package:

Our 2-for-1 deal includes skillful aerial video as well as an informative video-walk through of the house.   This provides you with a great perspective of the property and the surroundings, as well as actual views from the house and a well-rounded sense of the interior of the house.  

We use HD video cameras, steady cams, fly ins/outs if possible for more accurate perspectives.  Video are set to music,  include pointers about the area as well as the property, and may include photos. Turnaround:  72 hours. 

$900 for up to $2500 sqft;   $1000 for up to $3500 sqft 

If the property contains multiple buildings or large acreage, please contact us for specific pricing.  

Video & Photo Package:

$1050/2500 sqft; $1300/3500 sqft