What People are Saying


My husband and I were married on September 26, and Katharina was our photographer. We can not say enough wonderful things about her and her partner Jason. They were amazing photographers! Katharina was so laid back and made you feel at ease which helped everyone relax and helped her capture the day. She was early, very prepared, got wonderful shots and we had our album in our hands almost immediately after we came home from our Honeymoon! She does a wonderful job telling the story of the day in the shots she gets and her album she made us makes me cry every time i look at it. I know of other brides that have paid twice as much as we did for a photographer and their album was not even half as good as Katharina's. The way she uses natural lighting and even mixes black and white in with color is very unique and breathtaking. She has helped us never forget the best day of our lives!

Thank you, Katharina!!

Jeff & Jamie Smith


When it came to the decision of a photographer for our wedding, there was no question between us, it had to be you. Meeting you at my Mother's wedding, you so gracefully and artistically caught the beauty of her guests, my family and friends,that we still can't stop looking at the album pictures! For us, you have made Tom and I so happy, capturing memories of a day that went so incredibly fast, but, thanks to you and your beautiful work, will be a vivid part of our lives forever. Working with you was so relaxed and casual, it allowed everybody to be themselves, have fun, and really smile because they wanted to, not because they had to. The photos are so vivid, capturing a natural beauty in the ones we know and love, exactly what you wish to look at for years to come...to remember people the way you've always known them, sharing the happiest day of your life.

Laura Parisio


Katharina's photos were very artistic and captured the feelings and fun that were experienced at our wedding. She was very open to what we wanted in our pictures as well as giving us some helpful suggestions. We found out only about a week before that we could have our wedding in a larger space where we could have a DJ and dancing. Jason was able to put together a combination of songs to our liking and the sound was great.

Truthfully, Katharina and Jason helped to make our wedding so memorable.

Gina & Joe Drisgula


Katharina Kienboeck graced our weekend healing arts and sustainability village, The Awareness Village, with her amazing photographic artistry. The skilled photographer considers the right lighting and composition, but Katharina has the gift of capturing the indefinable essence of energy, chemistry and spirit! We are so grateful to have our event memorialized with her photos!

Thank you Illuminatrix Photography!

Melissa Eppard


Dear Katharina, I just wanted to tell you what a WONDERFUL job you and Jason did for our daughter Jamie's wedding! The shots that you got are out of this world! I find myself looking at them over and over again on line re-living her special day thanks to you! Needless to say any one else that has looked at them has had the same feeling I do...... and I recommend you to EVERYONE!! I am so looking forward to my "parent album" to show off to all of our friends and co- workers.....

Thank you again so much for all the love and care you put into your work that will continue to be a part of our lives forever......

Sincerely, Kim Freer